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I guess it’s time for some garden clean-up projects

Yesterday we harvested what may be one of our last salads from the garden thanks to the fact that it is now dipping into the low 20′s at night.  Our salad had mustard,chickweed, lettuces, parsley, cilantro and dill.  You simply can’t buy a salad like this anywhere.   We are also starting to eat some of our root vegetables – for us that’s jerusalem artichokes and sweet potatoes.

Not as lovely as when in leaf, but ready to pruned and mulched.


While the gardener in me of course prefers the productive months of spring and summer, winter is a good time to do a lot of long-overdue garden clean-up and maintenance projects.  I’ve spent the last two weekends remulching (is that a word?) paths with woodchips, and also sheetmulching a huge portion of the backyard in anticipation of re-locating some blackberries in the early Spring.

Another good winter chore is pruning our fruit trees, grapevines and  berry bushes.  I’m also taking advantage of my new-found free time to pore over every gardening book my library has on offer.  Any other suggestions for avoiding the gloom that us gardeners feel when there isn’t much growing?


  • Laurie says:

    Besides planning next year’s garden and looking through catalogs, I’ve found it helpful to have something blooming in the house through the darkest months. I like amaryllis, orchids, & Christmas cactus. A friend grows African violets. Thanks so much for your visit and comment!